Theorizing Research Phenomenon

Workshop on Theorizing the Research Phenomenon

At the end of this session, each participant should be able to:
1. Compare theory versus model
2. Describe the types of the paradigm of inquiry,
3. Understand the placement of theory in quantitative research,
4. Theorize the research phenomenon
5. Conceptualizes and clarify concepts
6. Formulate a research framework and theoretical framework

Workshop Topics
1) Overview of the research process
2) The research paradigm
3) Deductive reasoning
4) Inductive reasoning
5) Theory versus model
6) Sources of research problem
7) Theorizing the research phenomenon
8) Concept, indicators and variables
9) Conceptualization of concept
10) Conceptual framework
11) Theoretical framework

Associate Professor Dr. Roziah Mohd Rasdi, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia

DATE: 16th April 2020 (Thursday) postponed until further notice

VENUE: UPM Library