ATLAS.ti Workshop

Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis: Thematic Analysis Using ATLAS.ti 8

The contents of workshop covers:
1. Preparing qualitative data
2. Grouping / thematic analysis
3. Codes, quotes, memos
4. Visual output of LR using “Network View”
5. Textual and Numerical Output-hands-on Practical
6. Analysing interview, focus group transcipts
7. Co-occurrence and query tools

Ts. Dr. Zack Zairul M N is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architecture of Faculty of Design and Architecture at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He obtained his Ph.D. from Technology University of Delft (Netherlands) in 2016 and became the first Malaysian G.O.T in the Netherlands for his doctorate degree. He has published and presented his research work in various journals and proceedings internationally and locally. His work on the flexible housing for the housing industry in Malaysia has received recognition from the international company in Finland during a presentation in ETH, Zurich in 2015. He is a certified Professional trainer for ATLAS.ti (Qualitative Data Analysis software) and also an advisor for Mendeley.

DATE: will be announced later. If you wish to participate in the next workshop, please send an email to to be placed on the waiting list.

16 May 2019
28 June 2018