Seminar GGP

Seminar Guide To Getting Published (GGP) is a collaboration between Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS), UPM and Emerald Group Publishing. It is an annual event and this is the fourth consecutive year that PSAS organized this program since the year 2013. This collaboration gives great opportunities for PSAS to venture a smart partnership between government and private agency in organizing such a workshop.

The aim of this workshop is to give tips and guide on how to better-published research outcome among UPM Community. The main contents include an overview of the publishing process, co-authorship, journal rankings, how to submit your journal articles, what makes a good paper from an editor’s and reviewer’s point of view, peer review, analysis of rejected articles, plagiarism, and copyrights.

This workshop also hopes to enhance the level of confidence among UPM Community to improve the quality of their manuscripts and thus increase chances of their research papers beings accepted for publication in reputable, international and high-ranking journals.

22 Oct 2019 (Tuesday)

Dr. Hayrol Azril Mohammed Shaffril, Research Officer, UPM
Mr. Elvin Cheah, Emerald Publishing

RM150.00 (2 Sept – 8 Oct 2019)
RM200.00 (9 – 22 Oct 2019)

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18 October 2016